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OTDR (OTDR-60K/100K)

  • OTDR (OTDR-60K/100K)
  • OTDR (OTDR-60K/100K)
  • OTDR (OTDR-60K/100K)
  • OTDR (OTDR-60K/100K)
  • OTDR (OTDR-60K/100K)
  • Application

    • Maintenance in Telecom
    • Maintenance CATV
    • Inspection of fiber repair and maintenance
  • Features

    • Measure up to 100km
    • Advanced anti-reflective LCD
    • VFL)Visual fault location function
    • High stability of the output power
    • high-speed USB port
    • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Description

    • Handheld Optical Time Domain Reflectometry is a new generation of intelligent optical-fiber communication instrument. It is able to display the loss distribution curves of optical fibers and optical cables, measure the attenuation factors of optical fibers and optical cables, loss between points and at joints. It is also able to measure the length of optical fibers and optical cables, the distance between two points, identify the connecting, fault, and disconnecting locations of optical fibers and optical cables. It is widely used in the construction, maintenance, measurement, emergency repair of optical-fiber communication system works; also used in the development, manufacturing and measurement of optical fibers and optical cables
  • Specifications

  Model   OTDR-2000   OTDR-2000
  Wavelength   1310/1550nm   1310/1550nm
  Fiber Type    Single-Mode   Single-Mode
  Dynamic Range   15/16dB    32/30dB
  Measurement Range(single)   50-60Km   80-100Km
  Event dead zone   0.8m/0.1-16m
  Accuracy   ±(1m+Sampling interval +0.003%*Distance)
  (excluding refractive index imbedding error
  Resolution   0.1-16m
  Loss Threshold   0.01dB
  Linearity   0.05dB/dB
  VFL output power   5mw
  Measurement range(single)   1.6-80km
  Pulse width(single mode)   10ns-1024ns
  Number of sampling points  65K
  Waveform storage capacity  1000 frames
  Range of refractive index   1.00000-2.00000
  Range of optical-cable correction factor   0.80000-1.0000
  Display   Color TFT LCD, 5.1 inch, 640*480
  Port   USB
  Optical output port   FC/PC
  Power Supply

  AC/DC adaptor:
  AC input: 100V~240V(1.5A)
  Output DC: 9V(2A)
  Power Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
  Internal lithium battery: 7.4V, 3200mAh
  Working hours of battery: 10hours(normal temperature)

  Menu language   Simplified Chinese/English
  Environmental requirements   Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃(exclusive of battery)
  Relative humidity 5%-95%, no condensation
Dimensions 215mm*130mm*66mm
Weight About 1Kg
  • Electric & Environment

  • Ordering infomation

  Part number   Description

  Measurement range 50~60Km

  OTDR 10K   Measurement range 80~100Km

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