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Optical Light Source(LS-345)

  • Optical Light Source(LS-345)
  • Optical Light Source(LS-345)
  • Optical Light Source(LS-345)
  • Optical Light Source(LS-345)
  • Optical Light Source(LS-345)
  • Application

    • Optical fiber component manufacture & test
    • CWDM component and system test
    • Other occasion where need stable light source
  • Features

    • Wavelength: 1310,1490,1550nm
    • Modulation: 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz
    • Dust and shock proof design
    • Auto shut off function
    • CWDM laser is available
    • High stable optical power
    • Low warm up & stable
    • High stable output power
    • Very easy-to-use
  • Description

    • The LS-345 is easy-to-use testing instruments for optical fiber test and laser-based light sources designed to test single mode fiber optic links. LS-345 is proud of the high power with maximum output of higher than -3dBm and accuracy as the portable light source. It enables to visibly check wavelengths and modulation change using LED. It can be used for the wavelength of 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm used in FTTH. Furthermore, it has the modulation function of 270Hz, 1KHz and 2KHz.
  • Specifications

  Parameter   Unit   Typical   Note
  Central wavelength   nm   1310/1490/1550  
  Output power   dBm   >-3  
  Short term stability   dBm   ±0.05   10 Min max
  Long term stability   dBm   ±0.1   10 Min max
  Fiber pigtail      SMF-28  
  Output connector     SMF-28  
  Output connector     APC   Selectable
  Dimension     150x100x42  
  Auto off     10  
  • Electric & Environment

  Parameter for electric   Unit   Typical   Note
  Battery   power   V

  One 9V alkaline cell

  Typical in continuous mode
  life   hrs


  Operating temperature   ℃   -20~75  
  Storage temperature   ℃   -40~85  
  • Ordering infomation

  Part number   Description

  Measurement range >-3

  Connector adaptor code(xx)   SC=SC, FC=FC, ST=ST Universal = FC,ST,SC

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