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Fiber Protection system

  • Fiber Protection system
  • Fiber Protection system
  • Fiber Protection system
  • Fiber Protection system
  • Fiber Protection system
  • Application

    • Apply FLC as F/O cable protection
    • Apply repeater which used by
    • mobile communication as F/O
    • cable protection
    • Local area network
    • FTTx PON
  • Features

    • Quick switching within 3~10ms(typ. 5ms).
    • No impact from transmission formats or rates.
    • Automatic switching by short circuit of optical cable of operating optical transmission devices(optical repeater)
    • Incident light power is split in half and passes through working optical fiber and idle optical fiber(except insertion loss)
    • Less optical loss(Max. 1.5dB, Typical 1.0dB, except optical splitter)
    • Simple installation and application
  • Description

    • FIBERPIA Optical Switch Module is very economic optical switch which monitors the optic signals running through the optic cables in real time and protects the optical signal quality by automatically switching to the predefined standby cable at the rate of 5ms(max. 10ms) in case of any failures including attenuation or disconnection of optical signals caused by internal or external impacts. FIBERPIA Switching Module is designed to be applied for the protection and dualization of all kinds of optic networks including ATM and Internet Protocol network. Furthermore, it works regardless of wavelengths, formats or transmission rates.
  • Specifications

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